Richway Amethyst Biomat

As a happy owner of the Richway Biomat for personal and professional use, I fully endorse this product as a powerful, healing technology to complement a wellness lifestyle.

In a world where we are concerned about unhealthy factors, it’s so refreshing to have healing tools at our disposal to bolster our healthy habits and give us an overall boost.

I am grateful for this Biomat to provide a much needed zen experience that has energetic and cellular benefits. Healing technology is truly a blessing. The biomat delivers this in a big way.

Below I’ve pulled excerpts from an informative website (referenced at the bottom) and then share my personal testimony.



The Amethyst BioMat™ 7000mx is a registered medical device* which combines high-tech fabric layers, semi-precious stones, and user-controlled temperature settings in order to safely and effectively provide a wide range of physiological benefits. The Biomat generates...

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