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Massage Success Mentorship Program

Being a successful Massage Therapist can be an endeavor that seems overwhelming at times. After all, there's a lot to juggle. We have to help clients feel their best; pay our bills and earn a respectable living; we need to take care of our bodies so we don't burn out; and all the while, we need to maintain that sense of inspiration and passion that we had when we began in the massage field.


Do you relate?

Myself, I have faced a lot of challenges during my career. I've started over from scratch 4 times! I've struggled working for other people. I've tried every model to work for myself. And, I now help other therapists reach their success goals. Throughout my career I have learned incredible lessons about what it takes to succeed and thrive.

And, one important element that supported me through everything was I had help! Over the years, I've benefitted from mentoring and coaching. It helps to have help. And, I believe everyone can benefit in some way with a little help too.

So, I'm offering my help to you!

Are you struggling to take your massage practice to the next level? Some days, do you feel like you want to just quit? Are you tired of giving so much care to others and not feeling cared for yourself? Do you feel frustrated that some clients are not getting the results they need?

All of these challenges are real. And, if you are in the business long enough, then you will face them. I have.

You can use my 15+ years of experience and success to help shortcut your path to making bank, getting results, feeling inspired and staying healthy.

Massage Success Mentorship Program

During this Program We will focus on:

  • Increasing your income

  • Maximizing your massage skills

  • Increasing your client’s results

  • Improving your business skills

  • Boosting your health and vitality

  • Boosting career longevity

  • Positive mindset training

  • Motivational coaching

  • Accountability encouragement

  • Goal settting

How do I get started?

The first step is to set up a Strategy Call. In these 60 minute conversations, we'll discuss several key points: 

  1. Where you're at currently,

  2. Where you'd like to be in your career, and

  3. A few action steps you can take right now to start reaching your goals!

  4. More details about the mentoring program and if it's a right fit for you.

Let’s create the success and freedom you
desire as an LMT together!

  • Early in my massage career, I had the pleasure of working with and being mentored by Melinda. She taught me that in my work as a therapist, I needed to be deeply grounded in the healing power of touch. Melinda imprinted upon me a reverance for massage therapy that has shaped the trajectory of my career. I grew to love this work more and to have more confidence and ability as a massage therapist. I now have a lucrative career in this field and I owe a great deal to Melinda for her guidance and passion.
    — Angela Cooper, Holistic Practitioner
  • In my opinion you would be hard pressed to find a more grounded and successful Massage Therapist than Melinda. The guidance she provides through her mentoring program not only helps to develop the weaker points of your business, but helps to keep you positive and reinforce your triumphs as well. Having her as a mentor gives you access to her experiences in the field and the lessons she learned so you can learn them in advance. The one on one meetings are truly catered to your needs and were my favorite part of the program. Thank you Melinda.
    — Sven A Englund, LMT
  • I don't believe in coincidences and feel this call was suppose to happen. I have been following Melinda since I first joined the massage group and have been inspired simply with her sharing of her knowledge and energy. To have this time with her was more than I could have anticipated. Melinda keyed in quickly to where I am situated currently, recognized my vision and gave some significant guidance to help me achieve my goals. She encouraged (really needed this), inspired and motivated beyond my craziest expectations. Melinda is a natural coach to those finding their way.
    — Carrie Wright, LMT
  • I got more out of it than expected. Although I shouldn't have gone into it with any expectations. I left the phone call with a certain excitement and a hope for more success in my business. My expectation was that I was almost certain I had capped out. With continuing to learn and add to my practice I can still increase income period. I thank you again for your time today, that was very gracious of you...
    — Jamie Lee Johnson, LMT