Replacing Myself with Wellness Products

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

Over the lockdown in Spring of 2020, I wanted to find a way to help my massage clients without giving them a massage. I asked myself the question, “How could I give a client the same wellness experience they have from a massage session through products?” 

This took me down a rabbit hole of investigating a variety of specialty wellness products. Medical devices, frequency therapies, supplements, topicals, and more.  

In order for a product to make the final cut to share with my clients, they had to meet these criteria:


  1. Must be easy to use; not complicated. Adding something to your wellness routine needs to be easy if you’re going to commit to it. 
  2. Must be tried and true. I didn’t want to take a chance on a new product that may or may not have some benefit. I went for products that are the gold standard in their category with science and awards to back up their credibility. 
  3. Must have incredible reviews and testimonies. Real world results mean everything. There are entire Facebook groups devoted to most of the products I chose, where you can scroll through endless wonderful reviews proving that people are feeling better from these products. 
  4. I need to have a personal testimony. Being a person who has high kinesthetic intelligence, I often judge a product based on the results I feel in my own body. All of these products I personally use in my own life everyday to maintain my own health and wellbeing. I am a connoisseur of wellness products and consider myself a tough critic. So if I am impressed, you know it’s good. 
  5. Must have the ability to earn a commission from sales. I was locked down unable to earn a living through massage, so of course I was thinking about other revenue streams to replace my massage income. 


Here’s the list!

  • Prime My Body CBD/CBG formulas
  • Modere Liquid Biocell Collagen
  • Advanced TRS Zeolite Spray
  • Richway Amethyst Infrared Biomat
  • Bemer PEMF Medical Device
  • Somavedic EMF Harmonizer
  • Gia EMF Protective Products
  • Gia iWater Hydration 
  • Vibrant Blue Essential Oils

 These are all specialty wellness items that are difficult to find unless you know someone involved with the companies. I truly feel that these products can help:

  • Heal Stress
  • Heal Inflammation
  • Reduce toxicity
  • Reduce harmful EMF effects

 This would give you a feeling of well being that would be the closest thing to replacing massage sessions with myself. I believe that we all must take responsibility for our health and wellness. Being more self sufficient seems to be the theme these days as we get used to spending more time at home. Since I’ve been sharing these products with clients and friends, I’m so pleased they are loving the products just as much as I do, which makes the whole project feel valuable and worthwhile.  


All of these are now available in the store on my website! Yay! 


If you have any questions, because most people do, I am happy to schedule a phone consultation to assist with the process of choosing which products may be best for you. 

 You can schedule your health consult here:


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