A Higher Standard of Health

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

Society’s standards of health are generally low. For most it simply means the absence of a medical condition or illness. You don’t have cancer? You must be healthy. You don’t have fibromyalgia? You must be healthy. You aren’t dependent on medications? You must be healthy. This is a very low standard. Because when someone all of a sudden has a medical diagnoses, like cancer, they shout, “But that person was so healthy!” Well, obviously they weren’t and this is the harsh reality. 

Most of us are raised in a culture unaware of all the ways that we are exposed to poisons, toxins, harsh chemicals, heavy metals, harmful radiation. On top of that eating genetically modified food, substance abuse, lack of movement, lack of connection with nature, lack of creativity, lack of meaningful relationships, lack of spirituality, The list goes on and on. 

Because of this everyday onslaught of factors that are slowly breaking down our health, I would argue that the majority of people are all immune compromised and are just getting by with low levels of vitality.  

I have been fortunate in my life to have incredible role models who truly are the picture of health and wellness. Their standards of health are way above and beyond society’s standards. They helped me realize that health is so much more than the absence of a medical condition.  

I like to use the analogy of a gas tank. Imagine that our levels of health and vitality are measured like a tank of gas. Most people are existing at under half a tank of gas. By the time you get around a quarter tank of gas you are most likely suffering from disease and illness. 

In between a quarter tank and half of a tank you can sort of “get by” in life at low levels of vitality without a medical condition, but you are more susceptible to getting ill and not bouncing back so well.  

Over half a tank of gas, you can start to feel more functional and capable of doing anything you need to do without much difficulty. I believe most of the wellness industry exists between half a tank of vitality and three quarters of a tank.  

Over three quarters of a tank to a full tank is what very few are exploring. Most people don’t even know that higher levels of health and vitality exist here. It requires a 100% commitment. I have only been in this zone briefly for short periods of time.  

This analogy helps me put things in perspective. It helps me understand why we see so many issues around health and wellness in society. It’s because most people are at low levels of vitality thinking they are “healthy.” They don’t know there are whole paradigms of vitality that exist beyond their normal experience. Beyond just half a tank of gas. 

I challenge all of us to raise our standards of health. To seek higher education and experiences in the wellness field. Our lives will greatly improve as a result.


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