Melinda started her journey into the holistic arts at the age of 20. While looking for a powerful and alternative way to heal from various physical, mental, and emotional imbalances, she met a holistic duo (a physician and his wife) who led her straight into a whole new way of living and opened her up to an unexpected field that inspired great passion in her. 

In 2002, Melinda took a risk and moved to Los Angeles from Orlando to apprentice under her teacher duo at the Shen Life Center for five years. She studied integrative massage and energy modalities, yoga and meditation, holistic lifestyle practices, and biological spirituality. Her health and personal development improved beyond her expectations with the influence of Stephen and Erica Rogers. The opportunity to study so closely with the Shen Life Team was priceless.

She then moved to Fairfield County Connecticut in 2009, Melinda continued her education at CCMT in the Clinical Massage Therapy Program and acquired her license in the state of Connecticut. Her massage private practice was one of the most successful practices in the country over 7 years.

In 2014, Melinda received her health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Teaching others how to develop a holistic lifestyle practice for greater self care became a growing passion and continues to this day.

In 2021, Melinda realized that the world was shifting and the need to empower more people to take their health into their own hands was a mission she wanted to be a part of. This is when she decided to go all in with frequency therapies and teaching others how to take advantage of healing technology to boost their health and add value to their friends, family, and clients life. 

Melinda has built an incredible career in holistic wellness and enjoys imparting all of her wisdom to others interested in being healthy, happy, and more connected with their optimal self. 

She feels the attributes that make her an effective practitioner are a combination of her warm and compassionate personality, natural talents and abilities, incredible training and education, passion for advancing herself and others, many years of experience in her field, and consistently showing up to each project or session with everything she’s got. 

With over 20 years under her belt as a wellness professional, Melinda is just as passionate today about holistic living as she was from day one. She is excited to share frequency therapies to wellness enthusiasts and holistic practitioners as a way to raise the vibration of humanity. 

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“Frequency therapies are available for the general public and now is the time to rise up and be free to thrive in our personal health decisions."



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